A Sustainable Company

CSR Committee Structure

CSR Committee Structure

The CSR Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors (BOD) and led by a Steering Committee at the Director level. Operationally, this committee involves and coordinates several functions of the organization as a whole in carrying out all of its work programs related to CSR and matters related to corporate sustainability governance. This CSR committee is under the scope of the HR and GA Directorate which has representatives on the Board of Directors.

Authority of the CSR Committee

The CSR Committee is authorized by the BOD to review business activities in relation to CSR. The Committee has the authority to seek required information from members of the BOD or management and all employees are expected to cooperate in fulfilling the requirements or conditions proposed by the Committee. The Committee is authorized by the BOD, at reasonable Company expense, to obtain advice from an independent CSR expert and ensure the presence of an outside party with relevant experience and expertise if deemed necessary. These provisions can be changed at any time if needed, with the approval of BOD.

Roles and Responsibilities

The responsibilities and objectives of the CSR Committee are as follows:

  1. Monitor and assess the effectiveness of the Company’s strategy to resolve and manage important
    social, environmental and economy.
  2. Responsible to the Board of Director and ensure that each appointed manager submits a CSR program proposal on time for consideration by the Committee.
  3. Responsible for overseeing the implementation and improvement of CSR programs and Guidelines in sustainability.
  4. Recognize, appreciate and publicize good CSR practices.
  5. Follow the provisions of the audit department regarding advice, support and review of CSR
  6. Responsible for overseeing the implementation and improvement of CSR programs and Guidelines on an ongoing basis and as an advisor to the BOD for all issues related to CSR.
  7. Review the joint BOD policy at least every 12 months to ensure it is still appropriate and valid
  8. Implementation of GT’s CSR Policy and management of GT’s commitment to allocate resources consistently and continuously for:
    • Continuous development of employee capacity.
    • Realizing and maintaining implementation GT CSR Guide.
    • Allocate special funds from the budget for CSR activities and programs.