Human Resources

Talent Management, Learning, and Development

Talent Management, Learning, and Development

As the largest tire manufacturing company in Southeast Asia, the Company recognizes the continuous need to improve the quality of products and services in order to continue to lead in domestic and international business competition.

Focusing on quality human resources, the Company carries out an integrated development program in an effort to improve employee competence and provide opportunities for employees to participate in self-development where the purpose of the development is to obtain HR readiness with the expected competencies and the next generation in terms of leadership in the future.

In addition to competency development in the form of development trainings in the classroom and in the field as well as development in the form of mentoring, the Company also conducts open and periodic competency assessments both in the aspects of soft skill competence and hard skill competence.

The year 2022 , the Company is able to accelerate the implementation of Online Training which has been prepared in advance as one of the stages of digitization of the process.

All mandatory training topics for employees have been converted to digital and run online, both synchronously and asynchronously. This strategy not only has a positive impact on the digitization program, but also supports the implementation of flexible processes in terms of time while making training activities paperless.

The company implements learning programs based on a 70- 20-10 pattern approach including online training programs or structured classes, learning programs from / with others, to learning programs directly in real work situations so as to make the success rate of learning and development greater.