Corporate Governance

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct of the Company consists of Business Ethics and Work Ethics, which is a set of commitments that has been composed to influence, form, organize and carry out the suitability of behavior in order to achieve consistent output that is appropriate to the Company’s work culture in achieving its vision and mission.

Business Ethics, standard conduct for the Company when dealing with stakeholders both inside and outside the Company, covers:

  • relationships with employees
  • relationships with customers
  • relationships with suppliers
  • relationships with competitors
  • relationships with regulators
  • relationships with the local community
  • relationships with shareholders
  • relationships with creditors
  • relationships with subsidiaries
  • relationships with the media
  • international trade and
  • relations with the community/professional organizations

Work ethics is standard work conduct or employees in performing tasks for and on behalf of the Company as well as to interact and connect with co-workers, subordinates or superiors, covers:

  • compliance with laws
  • conflicts of interest
  • give and receive
  • equality and respect of Human Rights
  • fair employment opportunities
  • improper payments
  • confidentiality of data and information
  • monitoring and use of assets
  • safety and occupational health and working environment
  • intellectual property rights (IPR) and
  • ethical behavior toward fellow employees

The Code of Conduct applies to all Directors, Commissioners and Employees of the Company when interacting, either inside or outside the Company and further details can be found on the Company’s Website (