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11 April 2010
GT Radial Indonesia Series Of Motorsport 2010 (ISOM)

The biggest tire manufacturer in South East Asia, PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk(GT Radial), is sponsoring Indonesian Series of Motorsport (ISOM) for the last 4 years and keeps on going to show its commitment in supporting motor sports. The event consists of 6 series of race in various classes. GT Radial Champiro SX1 is appointed as the official tire for this prestigious event.

GT Radial sponsored classes :
- GT Radial Car Championship
- GT Radial Super Touring Car Championship
- GT Radial Supercar Championship
- GT Radial BMW Alta Touring Championship
- Mercedes Benz Touring Cup (C200 Class Touring Championship) with GT Radial as its official tire partner

Aside from the event, in 2010 GT Radial is also sponsoring some of the potential racers such as Fitra Eri, Roy Haryanto, Rally Marina, Sunny Ts, and Rama Dhanindro.