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25 November 2007
Gajah Tunggal receives prestigious CSR recognition

After the recognition by International Labour Organization and the Indonesian government for its HIV/AIDS programs, PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk, was again rewarded a prestigious recognition for its commitment to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The recognition, given by Metro TV and endorsed by the United Nations, specifically recognizes the efforts of the Company to combat child mortality. Over more than three decades, around one million immunization shots have been administered to infants and children in the Gajah Tunggal Industrial complex. By actively supporting the fight against the HIV/AIDS at the workplace, the Company also hopes to reduce the number of children that inherit the virus from their parents. Furthermore, its disaster relief/community building programs aim specifically to aid the most vulnerable group in our society, our children. Realizing its responsibility towards the larger community, Gajah Tunggal remains committed to a strong Corporate Social Responsibility program.