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In supporting efforts to improve employee welfare, the Company consistently applies Occupational Safety and Health policies aimed at improving the physical and mental state in all types of work, preventing accidents caused by work, protecting workers at every job from risks arising from factors that can interfere with health, placing and maintaining workers in a work environment that is in accordance with physical conditions and psychological workers and to create a fit between their jobs and each workers with their duties.


Healthy organizations implement a culture of occupational safety and Health (OSH) in the working environment. These implementations can assist
employees in improving their physical and mental health, minimizing the risk of exposure to hazards when doing work activities and preventing the occurrence of occupational illness /illness related to occupation.

The Health Department is carrying out its roles and duties as a preventive, promotive, curative, and rehabilitative effort. The Company provides a duty to the Health Department to conduct and evaluate the implementation of occupational health services for all employees and guests who require medical assistance.

During the pandemic, the Health Department (PT Gajah Tunggal Tbks Clinic) is also involved in efforts to prevent and stop the transmission of COVID-19 by tracing and tacking for employees and guests in accordance with health protocols and provides various COVID-19 prevention measures such as disinfectants, vitamins, body temperature measurement devices and others to
prevent and stop the transmission of COVID-19.


Based on law no. 1 of 1970 concerning Occupational Safety, that the purpose of occupational safety and health (K3) relating to machinery, equipment, workplace foundations and the workplace environment is to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses, to provide protection to production sources so as to increase efficiency. and productivity. The Company through the HSE Division has implemented an occupational safety and health system (SMK#) as well as monitoring and evaluating risk factors and the effectiveness of operational activities as well as ensuring compliance with applicable work safety regulations.


The Company conducts efforts to preserve the environmental function and the prevention of pollution and environmental damage systematically. These efforts are a form of environmental protection and management that includes planning, utilization, control, maintenance, supervision, and law enforcement.

The things undertaken by the Company in implementing environmental protection and management include environmental impact management such as waste segregation before being transported by a third party to landfill, monitoring impact or environmental quality by external laboratories to ambient air quality, noise, efficacy, liquid waste, mobile and stationary source emissions, and other measurements when needed. The Company also reports such management and monitoring activities to related agencies online as well as hardcopy.

The awareness of the contribution of CO2 emissions from energy use also encourages companies to strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through planting and breeding. In 2021, the Company carried out vegetation planting as many as 5.000 plants/trees.

Prevention Of HIV/AIDS

One of the Companys efforts in empowering the community, especially in the health sector, the Company actively contributes to HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns for employees and the surrounding community. Since 2004 the Company has conducted basic HIV/AIDS prevention training for all employees until now. The company also organizes Training for Trainers (TOT) for 21 employees who will be assigned as Trainers who will provide HIV/AIDS counseling both for internally(new employees) and the surrounding community.


The company collaborates with the Tangerang City Health Office and the Tangerang City Indonesian Red Cross to regularly hold blood donation activities in an effort to help procure blood for people in need. This blood donation activity has been carried out on the basis of good cooperation between the company and related agencies that have existed for more than 10 years. For 2021, as many as 255 employees participated in the blood donation activity and will continue in the future.

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