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Polytechnic GT

Gajah Tunggal is committed to develop sustainable inclusive business for the economic well-being of its internal and external stakeholders by creating jobs and establishing career paths for them. For this purpose, the Company founded Polytechnic Gajah Tunggal. By doing this, the Company is able to maintain sustainability for their skillful human capital.

Politeknik GT ( offers full scholarships to talented underprivileged students with good academic records. This school offers three Associate Degree (D3) programs namely mechanical engineering, electronics engineering and industrial engineering. The industrial engineering program started in the year 2018 after obtaining Governement approval. This year Polytechnic GT received 150 students from 1920 applicants from 20 provinces of Indonesia. Thousands of Polytechnic GT graduates have found employment in various manufacturing and service companies incorporated within the Gajah Tunggal Group.

Special Education Program

In 2018, Polytechnic GT started special classes for its employees, with full-scholarship for an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering. The programmes objective is to improve the employees competency and to build future leaders.

Besides the regular and employee courses, Politeknik GT has also started a program since 2015 for students to advance from an Associate Degree (D3) to a Bachelors Degree (S1), where participants of this program are employees of PT GT.

The first batch, comprising 30 employees who pursued the Mechatronics programme, graduated in November 2017. Upon the graduation of the first batch, the second batch commenced their studies in August 2017. At the same time, about 29 students also started their studies, majoring in Industrial Engineering, who will graduate in May 2019

Public lectures in Polytechnics GT

-- Public Lectures Jung Kiu --

The Polytechnic held a public lecture with invited practitioner Mr. Jung Kiu (CEO of Speedwork Auto Care-China) who is an expert in the era of industrial revolution 4.0 or the era of digitization. He explains that this era is characterized by the presence of IoT, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, which are very important to increase the productivity of the Company, because all types of devices are connected to the internet which can improve the quality, efficiency and safety in production. Also, this revolution changes the working model for the manufacturing industry, namely with the technology of robots that are currently already used by some companies.

-- Public Lectures Mr. Marjuki Usman --

5 December 2018, Gajah Tunggal Polytechnic held a public lecture with speaker Mr. Dr. IR. H. Marzuki Usman, M.A, as an economist and expert on capital markets. In addition, he has served as Minister of tourism and Minister of forestry and plantations. In this public lecture the theme was How To Be A Smart Leader .

Community service by Polytechnic GT

Materializing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education philosophy, besides executing the education process, Polytechnic GT also provides community services. Amongst others, activities included the installation of solar panel lights. This activity was held at Kaliwenang Village and Sugihmanik Village, Central Java Province in August - September, 2018.

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