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CSR is one of the key mechanisms GT has chosen, that involves employees and local communities principally and disadvantaged communities at large, to build our reputation as a good corporate citizen. CSR will also contribute toward attaining and maintaining GT’s quest for a sustainable future wherever it is domiciled. CSR is also reflective of GT’s desire to act responsibly for the positive and negative impact created by our corporate decisions and operations. Total amount spent for the Company’s CSR activities during the year 2016 amounted Rp 12.8 billion.

Through our CSR projects/programs we are committed to show how a Good Corporate Citizen can pursue a more holistic approach in improving Stakeholders value, pride in our Core Business and respect for the Conservation of our Natural Environment, while minimizing any negative impact that might arise from our decisions and business operations.

We want to continue building and maintaining a tire related manufacturing business, while promoting efforts that would safeguard the wellbeing of our employees, customers and neighbouring communities, contribute to the prosperity of our economic Stakeholders, as well as supporting conservation efforts that seek to preserve the natural environment in balance with the related threats from a developing global economy.

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