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Human Resources are a vital component as it plays an essential role in helping the Company achieves its objectives and ensuring the sustainability of its operations. As such, every single employee is regarded as valuable assets as they support the Company to continue pursuing the highest standard of performance.

The Company believes that employees are its strategic partners. As such, the Company emphasises on providing the best training to its employees. Employees are also encouraged to perform their task and fulfil their respective responsibilities to the best of their capabilities.

As at December 31, 2017, the Companys total employees amounted to 17,544 employees, an increase of 2.12% from 17,179 employees recorded in 2016. Approximately 93.65% of the employees work in the Tyre Division while the remaining 6.35% are employed under the Tire Cord and SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) Divisions.


The Company recognised the imperative need to improve the quality and the productivity of its employees in order to maintain an edge in the evolving competitive business landscape. As such, the Company emphasised on enhancing and developing the competency of its employees by investing a total of Rp 1.7 billion on employee training in 2017.

Employees are welcomed into the fold of the Company when they attend an orientation programme. During the orientation, they will learn about the Companys values that include the GT SPIRIT, safety culture, quality management system and environmental management system. The recruits will also be given a walkthrough on the working environment and the general process of making tires. The objective of the programme is to foster good working culture and inculcate kinship.

After that, the recruits will go through OJT (On The Job Training) in their respective capacities where a mentor will be assigned to guide them. The mentors play an important role as they impart knowledge and skills to the new employees to make sure that they perform their tasks and responsibilities up to expectation.

In line with the Companys expanding operations, employees competencies are regularly upgraded and improved. Technical and non-technical training programmes are routinely implemented throughout the Company. One such programme involved inviting Providers from both Indonesia and overseas to learn about the latest technology and its application in the global tire industry and to fulfil the Customersneeds.

Some of these training programmes focused on product quality, safety, and productivity as well as prepare the employees for the transition from ISO/TS 16949:2009 to IATF 16949:2016.

Another programme held by the Company during the year was the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) programme. To improve competitiveness and grow the Company sustainably, the Company encouraged employees to employ Sharing Knowledge as a way to support Organisational Knowledge and to enhance their competencies and skills.

Training programmes aimed at adding insight, improve the competency and proficiency of employees were introduced during the year. The programmes included were SLOT (Selected Learning Organisation Track) which is the GT SPIRITLeadership programme targeted at managers, and a development programme that focused on sales presentation skills for Sales and Marketing personnel.


Talent sourcing is one of the most critical aspects of the recruitment process. Getting the right talent with the right skill to fulfil a role will lead to enhancement of the Companys performance. By utilising competency-based interview techniques, the recruitment team can efficiently identify potential candidates and employees who possess the necessary competencies or characteristics to perform the skills needed for the job.

Together with the HR Operations, the recruitment team holds close discussions with the head of departments regularly to obtain accurate information on work specification, the required competency profiles, and job function.

Both internal and external resources are utilised to fulfil the demand for skilled labour in the Company. Internal recruitment was initiated to provide opportunities to employees to gain experience by embracing more responsibilities and learn more skills. The internal recruitment process gives opportunities to employees to go through job rotation and progression, and eventually promotion.

To source for talent externally, the Company collaborates with Career Centres at universities, polytechnic schools and selected secondary schools located in the vicinity of the Company. The recruitment team also attends Job Fairs to showcase what the Company has to offer to potential candidates.

Both local and foreign social media platforms targeted at professionals are also employed as a potential source for external recruitment. This channel is especially effective for disseminating the latest information about the Company to potential candidates who can communicate with the recruitment team directly through the channels available via the social media platforms.

Another platform utilised by the Team is the Companys Online Careers Page,, which provide information on job opportunities available in the Company and also provide an avenue for applicants to submit their applications via online.


The Company maintains good industrial relations with its stakeholders by contributing positively and cultivate an amicable working relationship with them. Excellent and harmonious industrial relations are characterised by regular bi-partite meetings between the management and union organisations to discuss both important standard and non-standard matters related to productivity and employee welfare. As such, the Company can make efforts to ensure that it can adapt to the dynamics of employment more efficiently.


Apart from training, the Company also focused on establishing career development plans for its employees. The Company firmly believes that having the best employees is integral to its growth strategy and also to enable it to face future business challenges, especially in the areas of talent, innovation, and advanced technology, more effectively.

To meet these challenges, the Company ensures that it hires employees from various cultural and educational backgrounds. Additionally, the Company also make sure that the capabilities or talents of these employees suit the job requirements or scope.

Another initiative undertaken for career development is career coaching for workers which was implemented in a planned and sustainable manner. Career coaching is carried out as a formal activity which is integrated with other HR activities.


The Company regards its employees as essential assets to its business activities. As such, the Company strives to continue providing benefits and facilities to its employees. As part of its effort to comply with any Government policies, the Company registered its employees in the Health Care Security and Pension Scheme (BPJS or Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial). This Scheme, which was introduced by the Government in 2015, provides employees with more facilities as well as assurance for their retirement.

Over and above, the Company also provides a wide range of benefits, among which is additional medical insurance for some employees. Employees who have been with the Company for more than 25 years are awarded golden pins and trophies as a token of gratitude from the Company for their service and loyalty. In 2017, more than 250 employees received their well-deserved golden pins.

To encourage healthy and sporty lifestyle among its employees, the Company organised several sports activities such as football, basketball, badminton, and futsal. The games also help to foster closer and stronger relationship among the employees.

Tournaments were regularly organised to encourage employees participation. Among the matches held were those organised during the anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. Apart from that, the Company also arranged competitive games for its employees to compete with other companies as well as members of the Government.

All of these initiatives are part of the Companys commitment to creating a work environment that attracts and retains competent employees that will contribute toward the Companys effort to maintain its competitive edge.

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